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MGA Entertainment brand L.O.L. Surprise House (dollhouse)
Description: The L.O.L. Surprise! House features a classic 3 story dollhouse with 6 rooms and a working elevator. Made of real wood, the LOL Suprise House has a lovely living room with a dainty kitchen table, refrigerator and chairs. It also comes with an exclusive family. The second story consists of a classy bedroom with tiny bunk beds as well as a bathroom with a bathtub. The bathroom has a toilet that makes flushing sounds.Take the spiral staircase to the next level that brings you to a walk-in closet and a rack with all your dolls outfits. It has a rooftop with a patio and a helipad. It also features a moving truck and furniture to unbox.
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L.O.L. Surprise!
L.O.L. Surprise House
Our 7-year old daughter was playing with her MGA Entertainment brand L.O.L. Surprise! Real Wood House (dollhouse). It includes a "working elevator" which is a clear plastic elevator 'car' mounted to the a plastic rail attached to a side of the dollhouse. Since initial assembly, the elevator has always required a lot of force to move as the rail mount sticks in the rail. We had told our daughter to have an adult move the elevator and up until this incident she had done that, although she'd try on her own every so often. This was one of those times, she tried to move it on her own. The elevator car separated from the rail and hit her just under her nose, causing a bleeding cut and notable pain.

We consider our daughter lucky that the detaching elevator car did not break her nose or cause a worse cut (e.g. deeper cut, cut on the neck or ear, etc.).

Contacting the manufacturer did not lead to any reasonable ability to repair, replace, or otherwise fix the elevator function. Claiming the product was out of warranty (30 days, not listed on the outer box or store website), they had no method to obtain a functional rail for the elevator. Their sole recommendation was to try applying soapy water to the rail to see if it would require less force to move.

Checking other customers' reviews after contacting the manufacturer found that the elevator sticking is a distinct issue, listed in numerous reviews including a YouTube video suggesting using [REDACTED] to lubricate the rail.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
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7 years
We called the manufacturer to obtain a replacement part so the elevator would work when a child uses it. The manufacturer stated the product was out of warranty (it was out of warranty before we even assembled it) and recommended soapy water on the rail.
Comment from MGA Entertainment Inc 4/12/2019
Internal investigation of production and inventory confirmed that elevator feature operates with the established acceptable forces. The LOL House has been tested and certified by third party labs and no hazards were identified. Item complies with all applicable requirements.

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