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Equate "Bath & Shower Chair". UPC = 68113101556.
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The "Bath & Shower Seat" was purchased in Feb 2019 prior to my wife's orthopedic surgery. I assembled it according to instructions. On the second use the legs started to spread and the chair began to collapse while in use. Because I was on hand and able to help her up, she escaped severe injury.
Facts regarding this product failure: 1) The user was well below the maximum weight of 350lbs. 2) The bolts were plenty tight when the chair failed. 3) The legs are light tube aluminum and are subject to shear at the bolt holes. The material and design are inadequate for the intended use. (The attached photo shows the deformed hole of the leg from twisting of the leg under load.) 4) The product was only used two times before it failed. 5) The product was used as intended and not subject to any abuse.
The chair is dangerous as a devise especially made for bath /shower use for those with impaired mobility. Anyone with normal mobility would not need an assistive device. But when such a device fails being used by a person with impaired mobility, the result is dangerous and severe. The chair does not handle side loading. Such is how a person with impaired mobility would use the chair. (Such as gripping one edge of the chair to assist rising or sitting.) When the chair is subject to a moderate side load, the bolt to leg holes shear / deform, the legs begin to spread / rotating out, the threaded inserts in the seat begin to pull out, and the seat flexes. The result is that the legs continue to spread until failure. Now a person with impaired mobility is on the floor (or bottom of their tub) needing rescue / help!
Incident, No Injury
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Comment from Walmart Stores Inc. 4/15/2019
Please contact the Walmart Customer Service Hotline at 1.800.925.6278 and provide them with the details of this incident. Be sure to include any identifying numbers for the product.
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IMG_20190404_112202.jpg Leg hole deformed from chair failure
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