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My son was resting in his rock n play and he was buckled into it and my husband was in the room right next to where he was and continued checking in on him. After I told my husband I got a weird feeling to check on him he was taking longer then he should to come out so I started to get a pit in my stomach. He walked over to me with my little boy frail in his arms telling me he’s okay he’s okay (knowing he wasn’t okay) is screaming saying he’s not okay he’s not. Give him to me! It was that moment my husband handed me my cold lifeless sweet baby boys frail body as our family is screaming to call 911. What felt like the longest three minutes of my life which in reality were so fast thankfully to how close paramedics were , as police , firetrucks and ambulance filled the street and rushed in to work on my perfect baby boy. Tears and emotions and screaming in pain as the paramedics are working on getting him oxygen and a pulse. The fear in my three year old daughter and 1.5 year old sons eyes as they saw what was happening to their brother and the words I will never forget when my three year old asked if her brother was dead. We were rushed over to the hospital where they picked, pocked and worked on my son, blowing veins and not being able to get an iv in. Watching them drill a rod into his knee to get the iv in. The cold dark hospital as I didn’t know if I was ever going to see my little boy again, was I ever going to see him turn one, what was I gunna do without my baby let alone tell his siblings. After working on him and seeing that he needed to be seen by a specialist and sent to the icu at another hospital. Another long ambulance ride where we were finally seeing him open his eyes and look at me with a little more life. The Dr. Came in to tell us, “he doesn’t know how he survived this, and if it was even 30 seconds to a minute longer then he wouldn’t be here.” Do you know what it feels like hearing that! Do you know the feeling of not knowing if my son was gunna have permanent brain damage from the loss of oxygen. He had turned in his rock n play and was face down inthe part where their butt goes and couldn’t get out. He couldn’t breath, no cries were ever being heard as he was slowly being smothered in his rock n play. These things are [REDACTED]. This is not safe! My son wasn’t even the age to roll over on his own and he wasn’t one who was rolling over yet. I trusted what I read from the company about this being a safe sleeper. [REDACTED]! We never let our son actually sleep in this, This was just where he was taking a small rest. I can sure as hell let you know if I lost my son to this rock n play you would never hear the end of it from me. I cringe and break down in tears for those parents who have lost their children to these!!! I almost did!!! What are you gunna do about this? Can you fix the pain I see in my sons eyes and the memories and words il never forget. Everytime my son hears an ambulance siren he just cries. Do you know what it’s like seeing that he can remember exactly what happened to him at such a young age. I have plenty of pictures of him in the hospital if you would like to see
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