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Lg washing machine. Top load with clear glass door

Graphite steel color
Home Maintenance and Structures
Laundry, Fabric Care & Sewing
Washing Machines, Other or Not Specified (140)
LG Electronics, USA    
3/1/2012 This date is an estimate
The LG washer had two standard size sheets cotton off of a bed being washed. Which is a small load. Was being ran on standard cycle. The machine essentially had a catastrophic failure and blew the entire top portion of the washing machine off and the drum sideways. The metal sides are significantly bent and warped, and the top lid/structure was only being held on by water supply lines from the homes wall. It fell off the front of the washing machine and was dangling, No longer attached at all to the bottom base structure of the washing machine. This caused a hole to be knocked in our wall that is about 7 inches by 5 inches and saturated the floor with water. At no time did the machine make any weird vibrations, give error codes, or have any apparent wobbling of being off balance signs.

Obviously the amount of force it hit the wall with would be enough force to potentially cause severe injuries to an adult, but especially a child.

I have contacted LG, and they tell me this model number is under recall and they would be sending a service technician to evaluate to see if they would offer repair or warranty work.
Incident, No Injury
I still have the product. I have spoke with LG and they are supposed to be sending a technician out to see if part of recall to determine if they will repair or decline repair.
Comment from LG Electronics, USA 6/6/2019
This product was previously recalled. Please discontinue its use and review the recall notice at

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