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LG Aristo 2
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LG Aristo 2
I was asleep and my cell phone was charging on my night table next to my bed. I woke up when I heard a loud popping sound. I looked over and my phone was shooting sparks and on fire. It looked like a book of matches catching fire. I jumped up and grabbed the nearest thing I could, my t-shirt and I started slapping it to put out the fire. Then I grabbed it and threw it outside. Then I cleared the room of smoke and looked at the damage done by the fire. I didn't sleep the rest of the night.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
49 years
I will be sending them an email with photos also, requesting a free phone and reimbursement for damages
Comment from LGE Mobile Communications 6/10/2019
LG manufactures this cell phone to meet or exceed all relevant standards. Our process not only rigorously tests to insure the quality of product leaving our factory, but we also carefully monitor how our products perform in use. LG takes very seriously the concerns of our customers and uses such feedback on an on-going basis to evaluate and improve our products. Consumers desiring more information about their cell phones should either visit our web site at or call our toll free number: 1-800-243-0000.
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20190527_212107.jpg Burned Phone 1
20190527_212116_redacted.jpg Burned phone 2

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