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Portfolio (Aztec) 9-Light Chandelier
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Electric Chandeliers or Other Attached Light Fixtures (628)
LF, LLC    
7/1/2008 This date is an estimate
The chandelier has been hanging in a stairway for several years. One night it came crashing down, damaging the wooden stair railings, breaking several globes which left many glass splinters in the carpeting. No one was injured, and fortunately there was no electrical short in the ceiling. Upon inspection, the "screw collar loop" to which the chain is attached and supports the entire weight of the fixture, had broken from the ceiling mount.
This loop is not a part that receives any sort of wear and tear, and I feel should never break under any normal usage circumstance. No one was near the chandelier, which means it simply broke and fell without cause except for the failure of the mounting loop.
There was damage to wooden stair railings.
Also, this is very concerning because we have other Portfolio light fixtures in the house and I am concerned about their safety.
Incident, No Injury
I have kept the damaged chandelier and loop. I have not been able to contact the manufacturer as Lowes referred me to their Web site, which did not have contact information for this manufacturer. I did submit a complaint to Lowes Web site.
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DSC_5902.JPG Fallen chandelier

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