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Berkley crib and changer. Gray crib with changing table attached. Space in between the crib and changing table.
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6/28/2018 This date is an estimate
I have the Berkley crib and changer for my ten month old son. On July 21st, i put him to bed when all of a sudden he started screaming, crying in pain. I jumped to him to find his arm was stuck in a space between the crib and the changing table. To get his arm out, I had to hold up his bum so he didn’t rip his arm out of socket, while at the same time I had to really, in a way force his arm out because it was stuck so tight. This crib has an open spot between the crib and changer. The next morning I called the company (sorelle furniture) and before i could even explain where his arm got stuck the worker asked if he was okay (multiple times). It was clear they are aware of this safety concern. What really bothers me is the night this happened I researched for a recall or warning for this issue and found nothing. When I went to the company’s website, right on their homepage is the same exact crib with the opening between the two even though the employee told me they changed the cribs design because of this issue. My sons arm is bruised on both sides- his front of his arm more than the back but we are lucky it was not anything more serious. I really wish someone would raise awareness to prevent other babies from going through this painful and traumatic experience.
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I still have the crib and contacted the company. They are sending a new part to replace the board that has an opening with one that is fully closed.

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