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24 inch tall square clear glass vase, apparently made in China and sold by efavormart.
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Ya Ya Creations (Efavormart)    
SKU# Glass Vase A6-24 Barcode: 10660480
Ya Ya Creations (Efavormart)
I ordered some 24 inch square glass vases from e-favormart online to use for the centerpieces at an event I have coming up in December. I put water and some fully expanded water beads, which I had soaked in another container for a week to expand, into One of the vases to bring with me to the food tasting for the event. While walking to the car to leave for the tasting the vase started to crack in my hands where my right thumb was and water started coming out. Concerned about getting wet I decided to just set the vase on my garage floor and leave it so I could get to the tasting. Unfortunately as I was Slowly going down to place the base on the floor it continue to crack open in my hands. Next thing I know I looked down and my left hand was cut open, between my thumb and pointy finger, and the top half of the vase was completely shattered and all over my garage floor. Blood was everywhere and my hand was bleeding profusely. It left a 4 to 5 inch long and 1-1/2 to 2 inch wide gaping wound on my hand that required 5 stitches and me to miss the tasting. This vases were to be used as centerpieces for a kids event and they literally shattered in my hands. I spoke with a event planner, which I had to hire because my hand is out of commission and she said these vases have broken in the middle of tables for her at events before too and that she will not even use water in them anymore as they are making the glass thinner and thinner.
Injury→Injury, Emergency Department Treatment Received
47 years
I advised them the product was unsafe and requested a refund

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