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Full Size Zinus Spa Sensations Foam Mattress. White.
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6/27/2018 This date is an estimate
I purchased a Zinus Spa Sensations Full Size Foam Mattress from Walmart around June of 2018.
A few months ago I started having some minor breathing difficulties and developed several rashes. After washing my bedding multiple times I decided to remove the mattress cover in order to wash it. Once I removed it, I noticed millions of extremely tiny, super-fine, splinter-like particles all over me and floating everywhere in the air. Directly underneath the cover is what appears to be a shoddy fiberglass wrap. For months, those fibers have most likely been finding their way through the outer cover as it became more worn with use. Everything I own now is covered in those fibers. I'm not sure who to contact about the danger this poses to those like me with respiratory illnesses, but this needs to be looked into very soon before it causes a serious problem. I have found that I am not the only person to have had this issue.
I have COPD and asthma which have been aggravated by these particles. This mattress should be inspected again for safety issues as it can cause respiratory distress.
Injury→Injury, Level of care not known
I still have the mattress and filed a complaint on the company website.
Comment from ZINUS INC 1/13/2020
The incident report 20191223-0A3D0-2147375857 states that the consumer removed the mattress cover of the Zinus Spa Sensations mattress in order to wash the cover. Then, once the consumer removed the mattress cover, she noticed fiberglass particles floating everywhere in the air, and now everything she owns is purportedly covered in the fibers.

The mattress cover is not to be removed—ever. Doing so is product misuse. The care instructions, which are attached to the mattress adjacent to the end of the zipper, as shown below, instruct the consumer to “spot clean” the mattress. The instructions state, “DO NOT REMOVE COVER”. The manufacturer has taken additional steps to ensure that the consumer will not unzip the zipper to remove the mattress cover. The slider body of the zipper has been sewn over with fabric so as to prevent access. Moreover, the pull tab has been removed from the slider body to prevent the zipper from being opened.

The inner fiberglass fire barrier is used to comply with the federal fire retardant (FR) regulations under 16 CFR 1633 and the California regulations of Technical Bulletin 117-2013. The fiberglass fire barrier is a healthier alternative to compliance with fire retardant regulations than by using fabrics treated with fire retardant chemicals, such as chlorinated tris, brominated retardants, antimony or boric acid. The fiberglass used as an FR barrier does not pose a risk of inhalation because it is “continuous filament” fiberglass and is not considered hazardous. (See Federal Register, Vol. 71, No. 50, Section H3(c), p. 13479)
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