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Ninja Foodi Tendercrisp - Pressure Cooker
Pressure Cookers or Canners (412)
SharkNinja Operating LLC    
"I received the Ninja Foodie for my birthday on April 26, 2019. The item was purchased by my husband, [REDACTED] at
Target for the special birthday. On May 6, 2019, I used the Ninja Foodi 301, Model# OP301 107 (6.5 quart, serial number A 11JJ202Z4K3) to prepare a beef stew for dinner, when the unit exploded and sprayed the hot contents all
over my abdomen, causing second degree burns over most of my abdomen. Per the instruction manual, I ptaced
the ingredients in the pot, secured the pressure cooking lid to lock, and turned the steam valve to the "seal" position. I turned on the pressure cooking option and watched as the unit displayed the loading screen indicating the cooker was building pressure and heat. Steam started to escape the machine, yet everything was in the locked and sealed position. Concerned, I turned the valve to vent to release all of the pressure and steam from the machine. After the steam stopped coming out, I powered off the machine by selecting the power button and unplugged the machine. r then went to retrieve the owner's manual. While standing in front of the machine reading the owner's manual, the lid exploded off like a bomb sending hot liquid all over my abdomen and kitchen. By pure dumb luck, my children were not in the kitchen at the time of the explosion and were not harmed. This item had been used successfully three times prior this incident. I have been left with permanent heat sensitivity and scarring all over lower abdomen."
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41 years
Comment from SharkNinja Operating LLC 3/24/2020
SharkNinja takes pride in the quality and safety of its products. As with all of SharkNinja’s products, the OP301 complies with all applicable industry safety standards. We have reached out to the consumer and have requested the product to be returned to us for testing and inspection.

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