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Pressure Cookers or Canners (412)
Double Insight Inc    
2/5/2019 This date is an estimate
Friday March 27,2020
We put pork chops in our LX 60 [pressure cooker] like a lot of times before. The timer goes off we release the pressure and wait a few minutes like usual. My daughter's boyfriend goes to take the lid off and the lid blows and and he is now suffering 2nd degree burns to the arms,hand, chest and stomach. It was like a bomb steam and hot scalding water blew all over him. He was rushed to the hospital by ambulance where they treated him sent him Monday to March 30,2020 to Children’s hospital to the burn center to be scrapped and scrubbed from the extensive burns.
Injury→Injury, Hospital Admission
My friend / Neighbor / Co-worker
20 years
To let them know their product is a death machine
Comment from Double Insight Inc 4/17/2020
Instant Brands Inc. (“Instant Brands”) appreciated receiving this 6A report on April 7, 2020 (“Report No. 20200330-073E1-2147373136 (hereinafter “report”), and the opportunity to provide a response. As an initial matter, Instant Brands notes that the referenced product complies with applicable standards and is not the subject of an associated recall or other corrective action. Instant Brands does not believe that the product presents a defect or quality issue.

Upon receiving this report, we immediately searched our database for any information received from the customer because the report indicates that the customer will be contacting us. Instant Brands’ records confirmed that the customer has not yet contacted us regarding this matter, although importantly, we welcome the opportunity to speak with her. Although the company is unable to comment on the described circumstances since it has not yet spoken with the consumer, we certainly hope she will contact us as customer satisfaction and safety are our priority.

Again, customer satisfaction and safety is Instant Brands’ top priority, and we encourage all our customers to contact us at any time, whether by phone or email. Thank you again for the notification and the opportunity to provide this response.

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