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InstantPot Duo Nova Model #4219CU
Pressure Cookers or Canners (412)
Double Insight Inc    
Duo Nova
My InstantPot Duo Nova (Model #4219CU) caught on fire. It was plugged in, but not turned on at the time.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
My Spouse
52 years

Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
49 years
Sent report to InstantPot tonight
Comment from Double Insight Inc 4/21/2020
Instant Brands Inc. (“Instant Brands”) appreciated receiving this 6A report on April 9, 2020 (“Report No. 20200401-5253A-2147373100 (hereinafter “report”), and the opportunity to provide a response. As an initial matter, Instant Brands notes that the referenced product complies with applicable standards and is not the subject of an associated recall or other corrective action. Instant Brands does not believe that the product presents a defect or quality issue, as noted below.

Instant Brands had already been in contact with the customer, prior to receiving this CPSC 6A report. Specifically, on April 1, 2020, the customer contacted Instant Brands regarding the matter, and Instant Brands promptly reached out to the customer to request product information, such as serial number, pictures of the unit and date of purchase in an effort to provide prompt customer service. Instant Brands also offered to replace the customer’s unit at no charge so that the customer could return her unit to Instant Brands for evaluation, but the customer has not responded to Instant Brands.

Based on Instant Brands’ evaluation of the customer-supplied images, the company believes that the damage to the unit resulted from and is consistent with an external heat source, and was not caused by the product. The product's user manual expressly instructs users not to place the product on or near an external heat source. Accordingly, Instant Brands does not believe that the product contains a defect or presents a safety issue.

Customer satisfaction and safety is Instant Brands’ top priority, and we encourage all our customers to contact us at any time, whether by phone, email or via our online ticket portal. Thank you again for the notification and the opportunity to provide this response.
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20200401_193931.jpg Bottom of device
20200401_193922.jpg Front of device
20200401_193858.jpg Product info

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