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CPSC Business Portal

CPSC's Business Portal is the online home for businesses to interact with CPSC.

Through the portal, you can review and comment on consumer product safety reports submitted to

Register with Us

Create a convenient and secure online account to provide comments on reports and to communicate with CPSC.

CPSC Fast Track Recall Program

The Fast Track program helps businesses remove potentially hazardous products from the marketplace quickly and efficiently.

Fullfill Your Reporting Requirements

Under Section 15, you are required to report potentially hazardous products that you manufacture, distribute, import, or sell.

Report a Potentially Unsafe Product

Visit the Fast Track information page to see how it can benefit your organization when considering a recall.

We strongly urge all businesses to register with us online.

Here's why:

Small Batch Manufacturers

You can get relief from certain third party testing requirements. Learn More...

Save Time

Reduce your time to review and respond to reports within the 10-business-day period before report publication.

Account Customization

To provide maximum flexibility, accounts can be set up with multiple users and different permission settings for each user.

Report Notification

Receive notifications of reports involving your products, quickly and securely, through email.