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Report Summary

A 2 YOF decedent had reportedly choked on a piece of food. During autopsy, it was revealed she had a small part of a toy pacifier in her bronchus. It is not known how the decedent was playing with the toy pacifier at the time of her choking.

Product Details
  • Product Description: Calico toys "Critters" toy line, specifically the Yellow Labrador Twins set. Link to the product on the manufacturer's website: product_id=789
  • Manufacturer/Importer/Private Labeler Name: Epoch Everlasting Play
  • Brand Name: Calico Toys
  • Model Name or Number: Yellow Labrador Twins
  • Serial Number: CC2019
  • UPC Code:
  • SKU#:
  • Date Manufactured:
  • Retailer:
  • Retailer State:
  • Purchase Date:
  • Product Category: Toys & Children
  • Product Type: Toys
  • Product Code: Pretend Electronics, Tools, Housewares & Appliances (5020)
Associated Recall
Incident Details
  • Incident Description: A 2 year old deceased child came into the New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator. Initial information indicated she had choked on a piece of food, but during autopsy we located a small part of a toy in the child's bronchus, specifically a small plastic pacifier. The toy is manufactured by Calico Toys and is part of a toy line called "Critters" and is part of the Yellow Labrador Twins set within this toy line. It is unknown how the child was playing with the toy at the time of her choking.
  • Incident Date: 5/10/2018
  • Incident Location: Home/Apartment/Condominium
Victims Involved
  • Injury Information: Death
  • My Relationship to the Victim: Unspecified
  • Gender: Female
  • Victim's Age When Incident Occurred: 2 years 10 months
Comments from the Manufacturer/Private Labeler
Additional Details
  • Submitter has product?: Yes
  • Product was damaged before incident?: No
  • Product was modified before incident?: No
  • If yes to any, explanation:
  • Have you contacted the manufacturer?: No
  • If Not, Do you plan to?: No
  • Report Number: 20180518-47F3F-1762317
  • Report Date: 5/18/2018
  • Sent to Manufacturer/Importer/Private Labeler: 8/13/2018
  • Report First Publication Date: 8/27/2018
  • Category of Submitter: Medical Examiner and Coroner