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Report Summary

Consumer has a memory foam mattress, which was found to be made up of 65% fiberglass. This mattress cover had no indication of "do not remove". Consumer noted fiberglass all over and 4 YOF, 6 YOF children and consumer suffer lung and breathing issues.

Product Details
  • Product Description: Memory Foam Pink Full size mattress
  • Manufacturer/Importer/Private Labeler Name: Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.
  • Brand Name: Ashley Furniture
  • Model Name or Number: M722
  • Serial Number:
  • UPC Code:
  • SKU#:
  • Date Manufactured:
  • Retailer State:
  • Purchase Date: 4/12/2019
  • Product Category: Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
  • Product Type: Bedroom, Bedding & Bath
  • Product Code: Nonbaby Mattresses (4009)
Associated Recall
Incident Details
  • Incident Description: I purchased a memory foam mattress from Oak Liquidators in my town, which is manufactured by Ashley Furniture. Mattress inner cover is made up of %65 fiberglass. The mattress has an outer tag that does not say cannot be removed, and it has a zipper all through out the bed, which made me think it was removable for clean up. I took it off to wash it and never noticed the fiberglass had contaminated my kids bedroom and now my entire home is contaminated. Fiberglass on all of our clothing, couches, washer, dryer, carpet, it's everywhere. My home insurance has denied my claim, so I'm having to pay everything out of pocket. My kids have been referred to see lung specialists and eye doctors since they have been in contact with the fibers since 2019. We itch constantly, eye irritation, bloody noses. Not to mention I'm pregnant and dealing with this 10 weeks from having my baby.
  • Incident Date: 3/28/2022
  • Incident Location: Home/Apartment/Condominium
Victims Involved
  • Injury Information: Injury - Seen by Medical Professional
  • My Relationship to the Victim: My Child
  • Gender: Female
  • Victim's Age When Incident Occurred: 4 years
Comments from the Manufacturer/Private Labeler
Additional Details
  • Submitter has product?: No
  • Product was damaged before incident?: No
  • Product was modified before incident?:
  • If yes to any, explanation:
  • Have you contacted the manufacturer?: No
  • If Not, Do you plan to?:
  • Report Number: 20220411-8FA2D-2147356911
  • Report Date: 4/11/2022
  • Sent to Manufacturer/Importer/Private Labeler: 4/13/2022
  • Report First Publication Date: 4/27/2022
  • Category of Submitter: Consumer