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Report Summary

47 YOM was riding one-wheel electric skateboard on sidewalk when unit disengaged & thrown user forward & downwards toward ground. Right leg & wrist guards hit pavement 1st & then right shoulder was badly damaged. He suffered broken humerus & had surgery.

Product Details
  • Product Description: Future Motion OneWheel GT.
  • Manufacturer/Importer/Private Labeler Name: Future Motion
  • Brand Name: Future Motion OneWheel GT
  • Model Name or Number: OneWheel GT
  • Serial Number: 2211339040
  • UPC Code: 8 10019 79363 9
  • SKU#:
  • Date Manufactured: 2/28/2022
  • Retailer:
  • Retailer State:
  • Purchase Date: 2/28/2022
  • Product Category: Sports and Recreation
  • Product Type: Cycling, Scooters, Skateboards & Skates
  • Product Code: Hoverboards and powered skateboards (5025)
Associated Recall
Incident Details
  • Incident Description: What happened that made you want to report? I had a serious injury as result of riding the OneWheel. What type of product(s) were being used? Future Motion OneWheel GT Who was using the product(s)? Just myself riding the product. How were the product(s) being used? Just riding the product as I normally would do on the pathway and sidewalk. Were there any injuries that happened or may have happened while using the product? Yes, I had suffered a broken humerus, broken into 4 pieces. Had to go to surgery and currently physical therapy. How did any injuries occur? The unit had somehow disengaged while I was riding in the sidewalk and thrown me forward and downwards toward the ground. My my right leg (bare) and wrist guards hit the pavement first and then my right shoulder too the brunt of the impact. I then flipped over and tumbled into the grass to the right.
  • Incident Date: 9/16/2022
  • Incident Location: Other
Victims Involved
  • Injury Information: Injury - Emergency Department Treatment Received
  • My Relationship to the Victim: Self
  • Gender: Male
  • Victim's Age When Incident Occurred: 47 years
Comments from the Manufacturer/Private Labeler
Additional Details
  • Submitter has product?: Yes
  • Product was damaged before incident?: No
  • Product was modified before incident?:
  • If yes to any, explanation:
  • Have you contacted the manufacturer?: No
  • If Not, Do you plan to?:
  • Report Number: 20221129-9A0D2-2147352325
  • Report Date: 11/29/2022
  • Sent to Manufacturer/Importer/Private Labeler: 12/2/2022
  • Report First Publication Date: 12/16/2022
  • Category of Submitter: Consumer