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Report Summary

38 YOF had incident with mattress, appearing to shed fiberglass through the mattress cover after regular use. Major risk for humans and pets, company refuses reimbursement as they did not keep mattress for evidence, user has respiratory issues since.

Product Details
  • Product Description: Serta BeautyRest Nadia Luxury Firm Black Ice Mattress King Size
  • Manufacturer/Importer/Private Labeler Name: Serta International
  • Brand Name: Serta BeautyRest
  • Model Name or Number: Nadia Luxury Firm Black Ice Mattress
  • Serial Number:
  • UPC Code:
  • SKU#:
  • Date Manufactured:
  • Retailer: Mattress Firm
  • Retailer State:
  • Purchase Date: 2/20/2018
  • Product Category: Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
  • Product Type: Bedroom, Bedding & Bath
  • Product Code: Mattresses, Not Specified (4010)
Associated Recall
Incident Details
  • Incident Description: The incident occurred May 28, 2023: Serta BeautyRest Black mattress was discovered to be shedding fiberglass through the mattress cover after regular use. No tears or defects were observed. Shiny, glistening fibers were noted on the upholstered bed frame, bedding, and rug under the bed. Immediate mattress removal and removal of all affected items used during clean-up happened within 12 hours. All receipts of professional removal and details were provided to Serta in the official damage claim, and we remain cooperative and responsive to Serta to this day: March 11, 2024. Tangible damages exceed $50,000. Serta refuses to reimburse damages or "admit negligence" because we did not "produce the mattress" or take photos as evidence. The insistence that we should have retained the hazardous mattress for evidential purposes, with minor children and pets in the household, is preposterous and reflects a disconcerting disregard for consumer safety. Expecting us to preserve a product that was actively endangering the health of our household merely to satisfy evidentiary demands is not only unreasonable but also inhumane. The additional request for photographic evidence is equally nonsensical. No photograph could adequately capture the risk posed by fiberglass particles once they have become airborne and infiltrated the environment of our home. Such demands demonstrate a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of the hazard involved and further illustrate Serta's failure to grasp the seriousness of the health risks imposed by their defective product. The Serta claims examiner assigned to our case continues to drag their feet, sometimes taking over 30 days to respond via email. No mention of fiberglass use anywhere on the Serta website, as evidenced by screenshots we take every month. We would have never bought a mattress with fiberglass had we known. Ongoing respiratory problems since the incident, rash occurred during incident.
  • Incident Date: 5/28/2023
  • Incident Location: Home/Apartment/Condominium
Victims Involved
  • Injury Information: Injury - No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
  • My Relationship to the Victim: Self
  • Gender: Female
  • Victim's Age When Incident Occurred: 38 years
Comments from the Manufacturer/Private Labeler
Additional Details
  • Submitter has product?: No
  • Product was damaged before incident?: No
  • Product was modified before incident?:
  • If yes to any, explanation:
  • Have you contacted the manufacturer?: Yes
  • If Not, Do you plan to?:
  • Report Number: 20240311-29AC3-2147340459
  • Report Date: 3/11/2024
  • Sent to Manufacturer/Importer/Private Labeler: 3/13/2024
  • Report First Publication Date: 3/27/2024
  • Category of Submitter: Consumer