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Are importers and private labelers included in the category of “Manufacturers”?

The CPSIA requires the CPSC to send reports of harm (Reports) to manufacturers, which includes importers and private labelers identified in a Report. All three are included in the category of “Manufacturers” in these FAQs.

Why should I register my business with the Business Portal of

The Business Portal provides an easy-to-use online environment to view and comment on Reports, and to make a claim that a Report contains confidential or materially inaccurate information. Manufacturers can designate a Primary Contact and additional users to receive electronic notice of Reports directly from the CPSC. Designated users can be notified more quickly than through the U.S. Mail, and therefore, will have more time to respond to a Report. Timely notice of a Report, and the ability to review and comment on a Report quickly, is important, because the Report will be posted in on the 10th business day after the CPSC transmits it to the identified Manufacturer, regardless of whether the Manufacturer responds.

What are the requirements to register on the Business Portal?

Any business that manufactures, imports, distributes, retails, or licenses consumer products within the United States can register on the Business Portal of Check here to see which products are outside of CPSC’s jurisdiction.

How do I register my business with the Business Portal?

Manufacturers may register an account on the Business Portal at any time on

  • Click on link
  • Click on “Business Register & Respond” tab.
  • Click on the “Register Today” button.
  • Read the text, and click on the “Acknowledge” button if you agree.
  • Complete the application process by entering the required information.
  • After submitting your registration application, you will receive a system-generated email, acknowledging receipt of your application and a follow-up email from, requesting some additional information.
  • After receipt of your response to the second email, your request will be approved, and you will be sent another system-generated email (from a “Donotreply” mailbox), which will contain a link to use to activate your account.

How many users at each Manufacturer will be able to receive notice of Reports and to submit comments to the CPSC?

Each Manufacturer will be allowed one Primary Contact, who will have administrative rights on the account. The Primary Contact can request that an unlimited number of additional user accounts be created. The Primary Contact will also be able to specify what kind of privileges each user account should have on the Business Portal, including read-only, and the ability to submit a comment.

How do I manage users on the account?

Each Manufacturer that is registered with the Business Portal is responsible for keeping the company's contact information current. This includes the name and contact information of its Primary Contact, who is the administrative account holder, as well as any other additional users. Manufacturers can update this information through the Business Portal.

How is the primary contact managed?

When registering with the Business Portal, the Primary Contact for each Manufacturer will choose a username and password. Anyone attempting to log in to this account would have to know the Primary Contact's username and password to log on and change a Manufacturer's Primary Contact or other Manufacturer user information.

Still have questions?

You can use the Online Contact Form or call (301) 504-7945 contact the Small Business Ombudsman for business-related questions.

For questions about submitting a Section 15 report, please email

For issues with registration, please email