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How do I register as a Small Batch Manufacturer?

To register as a Small Batch Manufacturer, you must first register your business with the Business Portal of Once you have registered, you will need to confirm the email address you supplied. From there, you can log in to your account in and certify that your company meets the small batch manufacturer requirements, by selecting the “Small Batch Manufacturers” tab, and attesting to the questions.

What is the difference between registering on the Business Portal of and registering as a Small Batch Manufacturer?

Registering as a Small Batch Manufacturer is a two-step process: first, you must register your account with the Business Portal, and second, log in to certify your small batch status. Registering your business in the Business Portal does not automatically register you as a Small Batch Manufacturer; you must attest that your business meets the small batch requirements within the Business Portal. The Small Batch Manufacturer registration must be updated annually.

Does registering as a Small Batch Manufacturer mean I don't need to test my children's product?

The compliance requirements for small batch manufacturers are the same as the requirements for ordinary manufacturers: you must still comply, and you must still prove compliance. The major difference lies in how small batch manufacturers prove compliance. Sometimes, for Group B requirements, small batch manufacturers can prove compliance by showing a lower burden of proof than ordinarily would be required for non-small batch manufacturers. Some of these lower burdens of proof could entail first party testing (testing the product yourself), testing the product at a non-CPSC-accepted laboratory, or relying on a supplier’s written assurance that the product in question complies with the relevant CPSC safety requirements. Not all CPSC safety requirements allow special considerations for proving compliance: Group A requirements must always be met through third party testing at a CPSC-accepted laboratory. More information about the Small Batch Manufacturer’s Registry is available at:

Can I qualify as a Small Batch Manufacturer if I am an importer?

Yes, but only if both the importer and the manufacturer of the covered product meet the revenue and unit criteria for small batch manufacturers. For example, an importer that has no more than $1,395,340 in gross revenues for CY 2024, qualifies as a small batch manufacturer for CY 2025, if it is importing goods from a foreign manufacturer that produces fewer than 7,500 units of a covered product and also has gross revenue less than $1,395,340 for CY 2024. On the other hand, an importer, who imports goods from a foreign manufacturer that mass-produces goods, cannot be considered a small batch manufacturer for that product, even if that importer has less than $1,395,340 in gross revenues for CY 2024, and is importing fewer than 7,500 units of a product from that foreign manufacturer.

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